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Unique Neighborhoods

Everyone is talking about it as a trend, and we have heard as many definitions as people talking about it. 

What is for sure, is what you, our guests, all agree on: it looks yummy, it is yummy, it fits your diet or it is your cheat-day, it is addictive. You own your comfort food moment with us: there is no standard starter, no standard main. You guys decide it all. There is no hour for comfort food: it is an all-day-experience. It is for you only, or maybe you would like to share this moment with family, or friends.

D'ARK has added two key elements to Comfort Food which are dear to us: ingredients and recipes which are flavorful, as traceability of all our ingredients. 

How do we prepare your favorite dishes?

Our commissionnary kitchen at D'ARK Lab, Sukhumvit Soi 16


Our kitchens are in each of our restaurants

Unbelievable but yes: we are cooking everything fresh daily in all our kitchens. There is always a window out from which you can enjoy the show and see that you favorite dishes are prepared last minute, with love!

This is our lab! Where we create recipes, try new flavors, where we dare to be bold. This is also where we receive all our full fish to slice them into fillets, where we prepare the croissant famous dough. Imagine this beautiful wild salmon coming fresh, or this organic beef tenderloin, delicately sliced, daily delivered to all our restaurants kitchens.